Writers: Still with paint on hands, sunburned after long hours doing legal murals or exhausted from running from the police these are the faces of graffiti artists from all around the world after performing their art.

Resilientes: Cancer survivors, young unemployed, victims of violence, widows, people with different problems as a darkness surrounding them but they continue with their lifes doing everything possible to move forward.


Romanian Roadsides
From the highlands of Transylvania to the plains near the Black Sea the roads play a very important role for the people of Romania. Fishermen, farmers, children and elderly go out to the roadside to try to sell their products to any car that passes near his post. With a very poor public transportation system walk, hitchhike or bikea are for many Romanians the only way to get to work or move around the contry.


Typical Spanish : Allegory of the Spanish inventive.